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Pimp My Super 8 Cam

Here are some pictures, mostly swiped from, of tricked-out super 8 cameras. I wanted to find more pics featuring homebrew video taps and steadycam mounts, but most folks tend to pimp their cams by adapting them to use anamorphic lens.

Nicely designed car mount using a cheapo bike rack.

Super fly Nizo (black!) pimped by the guys who made Sleep Always. Love the carry handle.

Leicina attached to boom w/ video tap.

Another Leicina — this one w/ sync sound, MD digital recorder, and anamorphic lens.

The ultimate homebrew car mount. Where can I get suction cups like that?

Canon w/ anamorphic lens and custom support rod.

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Bringing Back the High-Five

Lets bring back the high-five. I don’t know the definitive origins of the high-five, but if the internet is to be believed, the high-five can be traced back to Lamont Sleets Jr, a college basketball player in the late ’70s. Legend has it, Sleets Jr picked-up the hi-five from his father, Lamont Sleets Sr, a Vietnam vet who used a more primitive version with fellow soldiers in the 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry regiment during their sojourn in The Shit. It should be noted that others on the internet point to Glenn Burke, a player for the Dodgers, as the one who invented the high-five in 1977. Glenn Burke is a fascinating individual – a rags to riches back to rags kind of guy – but his story doesn’t have as much corroborating evidence as Sleets.

The Origin of the High-Five

National High-Five Day

Glenn Burke

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Roseway: An Appreciation

I’ve always been jealous of friends living in vibrant Portland neighborhoods like Mississippi or Alberta. Roseway, my modest neighborhood, has always felt so dour in comparison – like a homely sister relegated to the shadows at a party. But I’ve come to love my neighborhood’s less tangible qualities. Roseway offers a ton of wonderful and cheap restaurants. We also have an old school pharmacy featuring a fully functioning soda fountain. I see Roseway as a fixer upper neighborhood (much like North Portland’s St. Johns). Roseway is a house with good bones, but in need of some updating and new paint. To that end, I recommend taking a look at John Brehm’s design for the Roseway plaza below:

Roseway Plaza

The plaza, at the top of our park blocks, use to feature a huge rose garden. These days, it offers a whole lot of nothing. I like the idea of turning into something that would give an identity to the neighborhood and serve as a gateway of sorts. Really, the entire stretch of park blocks could be so much more than they are today. They could actually be little mini parks – with children’s play equipment and other amenities.

Below are some photos and descriptions of notable Roseway locales:


Fairley’s Pharmacy
This cute pharmacy at the corner of Fremont and Sandy has a genuine soda fountain. They also offer WiFi now for the internet crowd, although I’ve never seen anyone in there with a laptop.


Annie’s Donuts
The best donuts in Portland (Voodoo Donuts downtown is a close second). The interior of this place is great, but the external signage could be more interesting.


Roseway Theater
Owned by the folks who run Cinemagic and The Moreland. Cheap admission, but lousy seats that leave your back aching. The movies are also all over the place. Sometime they have great films, sometimes they’re just horrible Hollywood crap. But it’s just up the street from my house and I love walking up after a few cocktails.


Thien Hong
I love the pepper-salted squid here. Pretty much everything I’ve had here has been great. It’s really crowded on the weekends, but the service is pretty fast.


Pho Hung (recently renamed Pho Vinh)
One of the best pho joints in Portland. And one of the cheapest. You can get a small bowl of pho for like $5.50 (and a small is really pretty big). There are a few other pho places on Sandy, often called “Pho Row”, but none are quite this good.


Rose City Liquor
Decent little booze shop with a nice staff. For those readers not residing in Oregon, I should explain that we don’t sell hooch in stores. Only shops licensed by the state are allowed to sell hard liquor. And those beverages must be on an approved list and purchased from the state. How lame is that? Since there are only a set number of liquor stores in the city, it’s groovy having one close by.


The Sandy Jug (now Pirate’s Cove)
I’m not real thrilled about having a strip club just up the street, but this site has an interesting history. Originally named the Orange Blossom Jug, it was built 1928 as part of a roadside complex including a service station with fake 75-foot oil derrick. In the 1930s, it became the Sandy Jug restaurant and in the 1950s it became a bar. In 2002, the Jug changed its name to Pirate’s Cove and went to a full on stripper format.


Roseway Barber Shop
This is where I usually get my hair cut on weekends. Just $12.00 for a regular trim.


Ed’s House of Gems
Never been in this store that boasts “everything for the rockhound”, but it has always intrigued me. They do carry lots of interesting tools, so I’m going to check it out at some point.


Gregory Heights Library
If you’re not from Portland, you probably don’t know the joys of the Multnomah County Library. I’m sorry, but this is the best library system ever. I mean, they had The Conet Project, a collection of shortwave number stations recordings, in their collection until it was stolen last year. There is only one other library in the world with that CD set and they’re in the UK. Here are some of the items I have on hold or checked out right now:

- Arriflex 16SR Guide [book] by Jon Fauer
- Wages of Fear [DVD] Criterion Collection
- Architecture in Photography [book] by Paolo Rosselli
- Picaresque [CD] the Decemberists
- Last Days [DVD] Gus Van Sant

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