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Summer NAMM 2006

For those of you not electronic music geeks, NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants…but NAMM really is a twice yearly mega-event rather than an active association. The winter NAMM is basically a show-and-tell where all the various manufacturers trod out their new wares. Honestly, most of it is crap. Many of the big players in the industry simply tweak an already profitable product and many of these instruments are aimed squarely at folks making painfully boring music. But this year seems like a bit of a fluke. There are some really interesting new products geared towards electronic music. And some of them are even from big name manufacturers like Korg and Roland. What follows is a brief overview of stuff that looks slightly interesting to me. I doubt I’ll consider buying any of this product, since I rarely spend over $150.00 on any piece of gear. BTW, I’m not sure where all of these pics came from, but most were swiped from Brandon Daniel at fdiskc.


Eventide Time Factor

An Eventide stompbox? I would love to have one of these things, but I think they’re going to retail for like $500.00. On the plus side, these boxes will probably drive down the price of Line6 DL4s, so I’ll finally be able to pick-up a used DL4 for around $150.00.


Korg Mini Kaoss Pad

Can gear look sexy? Yes it can. I love anything mini and this is no exception. But why God, why the RCA jacks? Who the hell uses RCA cables to connect effect boxes? And still no MIDI?

Korg r3


Well at least Korg was listening a little bit and got rid of those tiny keys from the miniKorg. The small size of the pitch and mod wheels concern me though. But I suspect this keyboard is gonna sound great. Are they really asking $699.00 for it though? That seems a bit high. And no battery option? That was one of the coolest features of the miniKorg.


Waldorf Zarenbourg

Waldorf is back? WTF? And they have a bunch of new products. The Zarenbourg is an electric piano, but it’s not electro mechanical. Instead, it uses physical modeling technology to create electric piano type sounds (yawn). I’m a bit skeptical about the entire Waldorf line-up, but we’ll just have to wait and see, all this new stuff kind of strikes me as vaporware. They don’t even have any sound demos. Below is a link to some video. Did I hear that guy say the flagship keyboard will load Microwave patches? And have module analog filters?


Rhodes mk7

Speaking of electric pianos, the venerable Rhodes is back in production. And this one is electro mechanical just like the original. But why the USB interface? To me that makes about as much sense as putting a USB jack on a toaster. I predict this thing will cost a fortune. Maybe it will drive down the price of used Rhodes? I suppose its possible subsequent models will be simplified and cheaper. They definitely need to rethink the case on these things. I mean, they look really cool (orange!), but I don’t think they would do well on the road. And the top should be flat, so you can put another keyboard on top.


Roland V-Synth GT

I always thought the V-Synths were kind of a lame — the Cadillac Escalade of synths. But this keyboard actually looks pretty great. I’m sure it will cost a fortune, but it might actually offer something special if Roland delivers on the promised specs. I guess if you chain a hundred moneys to a hundred typewriters, you will eventually get the great American novel.


Haken Continuum

Don’t know what it is, but it looks cool. Some kind of alternate controller I guess.

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