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The Optigan Project Update

I’m excited to announce I’ve successfully printed a copy of an Optigan disc (Latin Fever). The package of tabloid plus transparencies arrived yesterday, so I finally had a chance to do a test print on the Phaser laser printer. Guess what? It works! The laser printed disc played back just fine on my Optigan despite the fact the sheets are thinner than stock Optigan discs. I immediately began thinking about selling these discs online…but the quality control will need to be much better. First of all, these copies don’t sound quite as good as the originals. Now I could care less, but if I’m going to sell them, they need to sound as close to the original discs as possible. The answer is really quite simple: scan the discs at higher resolutions. The large flatbed scanner here at work I used only supports scans up to 600dpi, but I need something that will scan around 1,200dpi. One possible solution is to scan the discs in halves, and then merge them in Photoshop. However, I’m seriously considering taking these discs to a service bureau and having them scanned on something higher-end, like maybe a drum scanner. It would cost some money, but I’d have a high quality image file to work with. If anyone can recommend a good service bureau for scanning, let me know. Another issue related to quality control involves handling the discs while I cut them from the transparency sheet. I noticed lots of finger prints as a result of handling, so I think I need to get some cotton gloves. Again, I could care less about finger prints, but if someone was buying these, they might not dig my sticky finger prints. Finally, I need to find some way of packaging the discs for mailing. Maybe Atlanta Brian can point me to a place online where I could buy sleeves for LPs – I think those would work for Optigan discs as well.

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