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NW Film & Video Festival Report

Tony and I went to the Shorts I program of the Northwest Film & Video Festival on Friday night and it was one of the best shorts programs I’ve ever seen. The evening started out a little shaky w/ the 15 minute long Diggers, a straight up narrative about two gravediggers talking about those they’re putting six feet under. It was well acted and all, but the ending was a bit pretentious and I hate it when a short film has a minutes worth of credits. Things picked up quickly though w/ Brian’s Creamery Birds. The highlight of the evening for me came in the middle of the program w/ Modern Measure by Matthew Lessner of Nehalem. It’s an homage to French New Wave cinema, except a Taco Bell takes the place of a Parisian cafe. The film was proudly shot on 16mm B&W on a Krasnogorsk-3 Russian camera and it looked perfect for the subject matter. Oh, the French narration was hilarious. The shorts program concluded w/ the excellent Patterns II and III from Jamie Travis of Vancouver B.C. I don’t really know how to explain these films, other than to say they incorporated stop motion animation, singing, and just general strangeness.

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Modern Classic: Beulah “The Coast Is Never Clear”


Dualism: n. 1. A view of human beings as constituted of two irreducible elements.

Maybe no one better personifies this definition than Miles Kurosky, lead singer of the defunct band Beulah. In the documentary A Good Band is Easy to Kill, Miles’ towering ego and immature antics make you wonder if he’s the same guy who penned sentimental tracks like Popular Mechanics For Lovers off the 2001 album. Actually, the whole band comes off as knuckle draggers: from the nasty porn stash in the tour van to dry humping poor John Vanderslice – these guys could make a frat boy blush. Then just when you want to pop the DVD out in disgust, the band does something completely charming, like offering some underage fans their own private show because they couldn’t get into the 21+ venue. So I guess it’s this balance of sweet and sour that makes TCINC a modern classic on the Wildfreshness list. The album had the unfortunate luck of being released on September 11, 2001, which certainly didn’t help sales, but it has developed a following of sorts in the years hence…strong enough to get on The Onion’s Permanent Records list with more familiar artists like The Who and Elvis Costello. Beulah understood balance, both in their songwriting and arrangement. The whole album encourages listeners to be happy, sad, or anything in between.

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