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Mini Camera Review: Nikon F100

I haven’t used my Nikon F100 much because my old Minolta X-370 is still my go-to SLR. However, as the Minolta quickly ages (it use to be my dad’s for crying out loud), it will need to be retired at some point. I’ve decided the F100 will be my next (and last) dedicated SLR before I move on to a dSLR. I had a Sigma SLR for a while which I liked — it had a compact design and was easy to use — but I never liked Sigma’s line of optics with the exception being my DP1. Nikon, on the other hand, made/makes fantastic prime lens that are generally affordable when compared to my all time favorite Zeiss. I was originally considering an F5, but after talking with other Nikon users, they steered me to the F100 which is similar to the F5, but smaller and lighter. I’ve been using old manual E-Series Nikon lens which are ridiculously cheap and perform quite well despite the bad mouthing they get from purists. Eventually, as my eyesight fails with age, I’ll invest in some auto focus lens, but for now I’m happy focusing manually using the focus assist. Honestly, coming from my little Contax auto focus, this camera is a dream to use.

 I mentioned that at some point I want to get a dSLR. That desire is being driven largely by an interest in high-def video. I’ve seen some really nice HD footage shot by those Canons, but I’ve read Nikon hasn’t quite good HD “right” in their camera. What a shame, since my lens are mostly Nikon at this point. Well, I guess I’ll just wait and see if Nikon can get it together.

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