The Tanya Harding Mystery

May 16th, 2005

This last weekend I met a neighbor who asked if I wanted to know a little history about my house. Hesitantly, after mulling the possibility of a double murder or something similarly gruesome, I said yes. Well, according to this neighbor, “the fat guy” from the Nancy Kerrigan attack at the U.S. Figure Skating Championship in Detroit in 1994 lived in my house during the resulting media frenzy. I’m assuming this man was 300 pound Shawn Eckardt, although it could have been Shane Stant. I doubt it was Jeff Gillooly though, because he was apparently living with Tanya Harding in an apartment at the time according to news reports.

It all doesn’t add up though, since Eckardt supposedly lived with his parents in the Lents neighborhood during the early ‘90s. And after his racketeering conviction related to the Kerrigan’s attack, Eckardt served 18th months in prison. Co-conspirator Stant had moved to Arizona in the early ‘90s, so I doubt he lived there in ’94 (but maybe after his prison stint). Also, this neighbor didn’t move into his house until 1996, two years after the attack — so why would the media still be hounding the former occupant of my house nearly two years after the attack?

So as you can see, it’s all a big mystery. Was my neighbor confused about when he moved into his present home? Or maybe there was something related to Harding/Kerrigan Affair that occurred in 1996 and the media tracked-down all the former conspirators. Or maybe Eckardt moved into my house after his release from prison? But why would the media still be hounding him, since Harding and Gillooly always received the majority of the public’s attention.

Willamette Week published an article back in November, 2004 detailing what happened to all the major players after the incident in ’94. Go here to view the article. Over the next couple of days, I’m going to continue to investigate my house’s role in the Harding/Kerrigan Affair. If anyone out there has any useful information, please post it here on the Wildfreshness website.

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