One Super 8 Stock Gained, Two Lost

May 18th, 2010

I’m not sure how I missed this news item, but Kodak recently announced they will be releasing 100D in the super 8 format. What was not clearly stated was two current super 8 stocks will be dropped: Plus-X, a low speed B&W reversal, and 64T, a color tungsten balanced reversal. While 100D has been offered by a couple of boutique film dealers, this will be an official film from Kodak. A lot of us super 8 users have been waiting for a daylight balanced reversal from Kodak, it’s a shame it comes at the expense of two other film stocks. Plus-X is a classic and it produces a really contrasty picture. 64T is a stock I wasn’t crazy about when it was released, but I’ve grown to like it’s quirks. This stock really shines when used for open-shutter timelaspe at night, so I’ll miss it for that mostly. But I’m looking forward to using 100D on my Cold War documentary project. This stock seems really suited to Oregon, since it makes colors really “pop” even when shooting under overcast skies. My only hesitation is around grain. I’ve seen some of the super 8 100D test footage shot, and it does look a little too grainy for my tastes, but that could be due to improper exposure and development. Ultimately, I probably won’t know how useful this film stock will be until I shot some myself.

On another super 8 related note, I still have about a half dozen K40 Kodachrome carts sitting in the fridge. I think this is the summer I’ll finally shoot those and get them processed.

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  • 1. Craig Whitney  |  May 21st, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    You should hurry, there’s only one lab that still processes Kodachrome.

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